Is there a website that tells you about celebrities and where they worked?

The firm announced a new technology that identifies celebrities and therefore will soon allow you to contribute your want to a searchable database. So for those times whenever you see a celebrity and have no idea what film they’re in.  However, the app’s use cases might be considerably larger — for example, a regular person could post a photo and also have people identify them on the street. Blippar founders, as well as CEO Ambarish Mitra, told CNNMoney, “You virtually construct your own human billboard for yourself.” Grab the Blippar app as well as point your phone’s camera towards a face to recognize it. If the topic is already in Blippar’s database, a circular avatar with information about them will display, surrounded by…

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Are most actors poor?

While some celebrities spend millions on lavish homes, vehicles, and exotic trips, these famous personalities choose for a more modest lifestyle. Nigerians do not brag about what they refer to…

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