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Which country has the most BTS fans in 2020?

by Palak Goyal
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BTS is a group that certainly owes the entirety of its success to its massive fanbase. We all know they often trend on social networking sites since their ARMY of supporters is continuously supporting them.

And it’s understandable if you’re wondering where they’ve all gone. Sure, they’re scattered over the globe, but where are the vast bulk of them?
The Philippines, to provide a rather oblique answer, seems to be the country with one of the most BTS fans.

With number 495,686, Korea is in the second position. The Philippines seems to be the country with one of the most BTS fans!! It has 856,322 soldiers, or 21% of the total, remains the country with some of the most armies.

BTS is today’s equivalent of The Beatles, except bigger, owing to social media. Everybody within Korea knew who BTS is, and they’re extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished in terms of music and history. As per Twitter, the BTS Twitter account has 39.1 million followers.


Videos by the iconic K-pop boyband BTS, often known also as Bangtan Boys, were one of the most K-pop clips on Youtube from February 2021. With about 148 million viewers just on the band’s videos well over the past year, Japanese audiences made up the greatest percentage of watchers, followed by Indonesians which has over 82.8 million viewers. The total number of views accounted by Indians is over 74.3 million views. BTS songs accounted for roughly 21% of all K-pop videos seen on YouTube all around the world 2 years ago, during June 2019. BTS had two main Channels on youtube: BigHit Entertainment’s “Big Hit Labels” as well as their own “Bangtan TV.”

In contrast to normal K-pop songs, BTS began to achieve fame outside of Korea with their music, which had something for all tackles a wide range of topics like mental health and present social situations. There was also a lot of content on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites, such as “official music videos,” “behind-the-scenes” films, reality shows, or even footage of BTS observing their fans are watching their videos. The band’s outstanding choreography also drew inside and held the audience’s attention, particularly teens who identified with the words of BTS’ songs.

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