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Kishori Shahane from Ghum Hain Kiskey Pyar Meiin had an accident

by Ratan Srivastava
Kishori Shahane

Kishori Shahane, who recently played ‘Bhavani Chavan’ in ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin,’ went to her social media accounts to reveal that she has been involved in a near-fatal automobile accident. The actress and her family were unharmed when their automobile collided with such a truck on such a motorway on Saturday. Kishori shared a photo of her wrecked automobile with her fans and followers, as well as an update on her health. Since then, Kishori’s friends in the profession and close pals have been keeping an eye on her.

Kishori took to Instagram to post a series of photographs of her automobile, which had been extensively damaged as a result of the collision.

“Our automobile collided with an accident.. car wrecked, lives saved,” she added alongside it. God’s blessings. Sake na koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi @varun vij @hashmegh @bobbyvij17 @deepakbalrajvij #save #life #godbless.”

The first shot depicted an automobile that had been struck by a truck, while the second photo depicted the vehicle’s damage as a result of the collision. Her business colleagues and admirers expressed their disbelief and cautioned her to take care of herself shortly after she uploaded the tweet. “This was big @kishorishahane thank goodness no one was wounded,” Sheetal Maulik, one of her GHKPM co-stars, said.

“Thank God u both are alright,” Adish Vaidya remarked. Fans also expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments area. “Thank God…,” one user remarked. Stay cheerful, madam, and don’t worry about it… God bless you both.” “I hope you’re all safe and healthy,” another admirer inquired.

Kishori Shahane is now starring in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin as Bhavani Chavan, the protagonist character Virat Chavan’s aunt. She is also noted for her work in the Hindi and Marathi cinema industries, in addition to television.

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