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Why do women mostly dance to African music?

by Ratan Srivastava

Dance is just as much a part of people’s lives as eating, drinking, as well as working for me as a native African, but it is a vital component of our worship since it is frequently addressed inside the Bible, notably in the Old Testament. Dance is a kind of worship in that it expresses love and adoration for God. It was thought that it, combined with other spiritual acts, was acceptable to God as sufficient veneration.

A few Scripture texts demonstrate this: “An opportunity to weep as well as a chance to laugh, a chance to lament and a chance to dance,” Ecclesiastes 3:4 says.

Dance in Africa reflects comparable sentiments, not just of worship but also of social communication: prayer, strong relational feelings, and even life phases transitioning from one to the next. It also conveys principles, morals, and perhaps even social graces lessons that are utilised to help people progress and rejoice.

Dance is significant for a variety of reasons. That’s an experience that takes us beyond the physical and into the intangible, and it’s just a means for us to express ourselves when words fail us. We may sense the joy of a freshly discovered love, certainty within the midst of great anguish or struggle, the energising fire of our infancy, as well as the tranquilly of our later years.

Cultural or social dance is a term used in Africa to describe movements that exemplify our traditional values and ideals. Each culture dance does have a tale to tell that represents specific values or beliefs, so it’s more than just learning new routines. When the motions of dance are combined, they convey a tale that allows one culture to share or teach another about its way of life.

Each clan in Nigeria has to have someone dedicated to designing and passing along the clan’s customary motions in order to ensure the precision of the movements that will preserve the integrity of tradition. Because each clan’s culture has its own set of motions, this “dancing ace” ensures that everyone understands what they are and can dance them. 

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