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Ye Mard Bechara Movie Review: A comical take on manhood

by Ratan Srivastava
Ye Mard Bechara

As we all know that, in our community, a man is traditionally characterised as an older. Everyone seems to have their own storey to tell. As soon as the boy begins to mature, he begins his training of becoming a man. The dad, as well as his other great uncles of the house, uncles, and grandfathers, all continue to pass their masculinity to the young man on their own through this training. One such narrative has been brought to life by director Anoop Thapa. Anoop Thapa’s movie ‘ Ye Mard Bechara ‘ is set to be released in theatres with a similar theme, and it will be released tomorrow, November 19, 2021. Let’s see how this movie turns out to be.

Story of the Movie-

The movie narrates the storey of Ramprasad Sharma’s son Shivam Sharma, who’s is carrying forward his father’s legacy on his shoulders. A moustache, according to his Father, is a symbol of a man in his family. Shivam is forced to grow a moustache as a result of this. Manliness is unknown after growing a moustache, yet his life does become boring. His dad is busy having him married at home, as well as the lady he likes at college isn’t thrilled with him. Shivam adopts all of Shivalik’s ideals to make him his own. He sculpts his body while sacrificing his family’s moustache. Everyone informs him about new manly experiences.

You’ll have to see this movie to see how ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ gets out of this theological problem, stuck amid tradition as well as love.

Behind The Scenes of Ye Mard Bechara movie

The Acting and Direction-

This movie has several experienced performers. Atul Srivastava, Brijesh Kala, and Seema Pahwa are among the veteran performers inside the film. All three have done a pretty remarkable job to make this movie a successful one. You will not get bored watching them because of their incredible screen presence. Manukriti Pahwa, Seema Pahwa’s daughter, is the principal actress in this movie and does an excellent job. He has made an impression on me. Simultaneously, Viraj Rao, who played the lead character, has put in a lot of effort but hasn’t been able to make an impression on the screen. His weak friend’s character is the same way.

Now getting towards the aspect of direction in this movie- Anoop Thapa is the charge of directing Ye Mard Bechara, and his work has just been more excellent. The movie may have been more enjoyable if the writing was given more prominence. 

Why you should watch this movie?

Behind The Scenes of Ye Mard Bechara movie

This flick will keep you entertained if you enjoy lighter family tales. The entire narrative is of a typical family situated in a little town, which is portrayed straightforwardly. Many concerns have been displayed with complete impunity, that should be applauded. If you approach it with high expectations, you may eventually feel dissatisfied.

Casting and Rating of the movie-

Cast-  Viraj Rao, Seema Pahwa, Manukriti Pahwa, Atul Srivastava and Brijendra Kala
Director – Anoop Thapa

Rating- 3.5 Stars

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