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Shiva: All you need to know about this action thriller movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Ram Gopal Varma wrote and directed Shiva, a Bollywood action movie released in 1990 in India. The movie was a replica of Varma’s Telugu debut, Siva (1989). Nagarjuna (on his Hindi debut) and Amala Paul star in the flick. The movie was a huge success. As a result of the film’s popularity, Ram Gopal Varma directed a prequel in 2006.

The video begins in a (fictitious) VAS college of Arts and Sciences classroom. After lessons, a gang of thugs led by Ganesh violently beats a group of students outside the campus gate on the orders of a college student JD. JD was eventually shown to be settling certain campus scores, and indeed the incident resulted in at least one student quitting the college, adding to the school’s fear of JD.

JD turns out to be the (unopposed) president of the college students’ union and the head of a known campus gang, with enough influence to prevent the college Principal from taking disciplinary action regarding their nefarious behaviour, which includes eve-teasing and insulting teachers. Through Ganesh, JD connects with a thug named Bhavani Chaudhury, whose criminal network provides clout to a local official named Tilak Dhari.

Shiva is a first-year college student. Prakash and Asha are among his limited group of buddies. JD gets into a fight with Shiva because of his arrogant demeanour and aggressive demeanour. In the ensuing brawl, Shiva and his buddies beat up JD’s crew in full daylight on the campus. Shiva’s companions, emboldened either by the incident, want to contest the student union elections. Shiva suggests that his geeky buddy Naresh run for president. He also dismisses Ganesh’s advice to remain out of politics.

When Ganesh tries to use violence, Shiva retaliates. Bhavani is the one who has to deal with the situation. Bhavani is irritated, but he is looking into Shiva as a possible alternative for JD.

Naresh is attacked and made unable to flee at his command. Shiva receives the nomination as well as decides to run at this moment.

Bhavani, on the other hand, is having problems of her own. He refuses to support Krishna Rao, a worker’s union leader. Krishna Rao tells Shiva about his predicament, as well as Shiva offers to aid in exchange for muscle, which Rao gives by summoning the employees. Asha develops a love interest in Shiva around this period. They get closer as their friendship develops, and they finally marry.

The scene has been set. Bhavani starts a series of sniper strikes against Shiva’s closest allies. Shiva responds by assassinating several of Bhavani’s leaders.

Tilak Dhari watches Shiva launching an appropriate reaction to Bhavani and chooses to withdraw his backing. Bhavani, enraged, humiliated, and defeated, goes to Shiva’s house and discovers Asha. Bhavani murders Asha and flees after learning that Ganesh has already been produced in court and that an arrest warrant has indeed been issued for him.

After the last battle, Shiva finally kills Bhavani, freeing the city of one of its most horrific anti-social aspects but also coming to grips with the fact that he has lost practically everything in the process.

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