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Mimi Movie: Netflix to renegotiate the deal with makers after its leak

by Ratan Srivastava

As per close sources, Leading streaming platform Netflix would be renegotiating the deal with the makers of the Kriti Sanon starrer ‘Mimi’ i.e., Maddock Films after its online leak prior to its scheduled release date. Read below to know more about what the close source has to say.

A close source informed that Maddock Films & Jio Studios will have to bear the impact of the online leak. The source said, “Netflix has not taken this leak incident lightly. Hence, after they learnt about it, they decided to renegotiate the deal. The producers would now be paid slightly less since after it got leaked on pirated websites, Mimi no longer remained an exclusive Netflix release. It is estimated that close to half a million people had already watched the pirated copy leading to decrease in calculated impressions for Netflix.”

The source also adds that the stakeholders got into a tiff after the leak was detected. The source continued, “As soon as they learnt about the leak, tempers and accusations flew thick and fast between Maddock, Jio and Netflix, with the latter two accusing each other of the leak. Finally, they decided to give it an early release.” Interestingly, the press release stated that the Mimi film release is preponed to surprise the lead actress Kriti Sanon on her birthday, which falls on July 27.

A trade expert said, “I couldn’t believe it when I was told that Mimi is out 4 days before its official release on torrent. So many films have been released on OTT since lockdown last year. But no film has ever leaked. How did this happen? I hope the producers and Netflix investigate and punish the culprit so that no one would try to do it again.”

He also remarked, “Thank God it was a digital release. Imagine if Mimi was supposed to release in cinemas and the leak had happened 4 days before. Then the producers would have had no choice but to simply wait for Friday to arrive. Here, at least, they could immediately release it officially so that people could see it legitimately.”

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