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Love Story: All you need to know about this movie – Tap to know

by Ratan Srivastava
Love Story

Sekhar Kammula wrote and directed Love Story, a Telugu-language romantic drama movie released in India in 2021. Naga Chaitanya as well as Sai Pallavi feature inside the movie, which is produced by Amigos Creations and Sree Venkateswara Cinemas. Rajeev Kanakala, Devayani, Easwari Rao, and Uttej play supporting parts. Revanth (Chaitanya) and Mounica (Pallavi) encounter inside the city after following their ambitions, as well as the movie chronicles the tale of an inter-caste romance.

Principal filming on the movie began in September 2019 after it had been confirmed in June 2019. It was filmed mainly in Hyderabad as well as other Telangana locations, with a period in Dubai.

Owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the shooting was suspended in March 2020. The shoot began again in September and will be finished in November 2020. Pawan Ch created the soundtrack for Love Story, while Vijay C. Kumar and Marthand K. Venkatesh handled filming and editing, correspondingly.

Love Story was supposed to be released on April 2, 2020, however, it was repeatedly postponed due to a COVID-19 epidemic. The movie was released in cinemas on September 24, 2021, to negative critical reviews who complimented the performers while criticising the movie’s length. In India, the movie has made $8.75 crore in its first week, the most since theatres reopened starting with the second round.

Revanth is indeed a lower-caste Christian who operates a Zumba studio in Hyderabad. Mounica, a girl from the higher castes, also travels in Hyderabad in quest of work and settles into such a nearby house. Mounica has been unable to find work, so Revanth gives her cash to distribute flyers for the Zumba facility, but her declines. She goes to the Zumba centre after yet another failed job search and performs with Revanth.

Revanth is so taken with her dancing that he invites her to enrol his Zumba centre as just a companion. Mounica agrees to a wage and begins working for him. The Zumba studio grows in popularity, but they want to grow their business by locating a larger location in town.

Leading to a shortage of funds, Revanth persuades his mother to leave their farm in Armoor, his birthplace.

Mounica seems to be from Armoor, where her uncle Narasimham is indeed a powerful figure inside the community. He offers Revanth a far reduced cost for his land, but Revanth declines to sell. Mounica meets Narasimham later that evening and wants her portion of the money for the home. Mounica loses consciousness as a result of Narasimham’s intimidation. Later, she storms out of town, followed by Revanth. She provides her jewels to Revanth in order to help them expand their company.

Revanth takes out a loan to expand his Zumba studio. They are able to put their differences aside and fall madly in love. Revanth rejects Mounika’s proposal. They intend to elope because she is scared of her violent uncle. They enlist the aid of Revanth’s brother, a police sub-inspector, and create a scheme to have Mounika attempt herself so no one questions her location. After 6 months, the couple plans to carry out their strategy and make the appropriate preparations. And meanwhile, Revanth is already in Dubai, and also the couple decides to marry at a registrar’s office when he arrives.

Mounica doesn’t really show up to the registrar’s office, so Revanth awaits. Revanth goes to Armoor, concerned, and encounters Mounica.


Revanth’s behaviour was accidental, the court eventually admitted.

Pawan Ch, a student of A. R. Rahman’s music institution KM Music Conservatory, created the film score as well as the soundtrack CD, signifying his breakthrough as a composer in a motion picture. On 14 February 2020, a teaser of the very first single track, “Ay Pilla,” was published to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and the full lyrical piece of music was released on 11 March 2020. Haricharan sang the song, which was penned by Chaitanya Pingali and featured Nakul Abhyankar and Hiral Viradia on extra vocals. The music was highly welcomed either by the audience and since January 2021, the music’s lyric video had surpassed 10 million youtube views.

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