Bollywood Society » Kabaad-The Coin’s success boosts my confidence: Varadraj Swami

Kabaad-The Coin’s success boosts my confidence: Varadraj Swami

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Kabaad the coin

There are few directors and writers in Bollywood who accept the challenge of working out of the box, one such director and writer is Varadraj Swami who has given Bollywood hits like Manjhi-The Mountain Man, Dussehra, Kabaad-The Coin.

Kabaad-The Coin Varadraj Swami
Varadraj Swami

His film “Kabaad-the Coin”, released on MX Player as a director on May 17, has set a different record of success. “Kabaad-The Coin” is receiving a lot of love from the audience as well as critics.

During the interaction with the media, Varadraj Swami said that filmmaking is not just shooting for me but it is a whole process. I am basically a writer too, so the process of finding my story is always going on. That story means a lot to me, thinking about it, thinking that I would not be able to sleep for many nights, that is the story for me. On the plan for “Kabaad-the Coin”, he told that it took us almost 6 years to write this film. Because I did not want any kind of error in my story. I have full faith in the power of my stories. The plan of this film was also made in such a way that made me think.

One day when i and my writer Shahzad Ahmed was coming back from the shooting, we saw that the Kabaad wala had gone. He is repeatedly hammering his hand to fix the Wheel of Kabaad Gadi, suddenly the hammer slips and goes to his foot. A lot of blood started coming out from the leg. I called a nearby mechanic to get his Kabaad Gadi repaired, gave him money, and got his ointment bandaged and at the same time, I thought that I would definitely make a film for this section of the society as well.

In response to a question, Varadraj said that during the writing of Story Vivaan Shah’s imagination, i and my colleague Shahzad had been in mind and I was confident that Vivaan would be able to do justice to this character.

Now I am very happy Vivaan has lived the character of this film with all his heart. The success of the film has confident our entire team.

I and my team worked full of sincerity and honesty. The credit for success goes to the audience because my audience is my God. They are my criterion. That is my capital. Today, if this film is being discussed in the media and the world of cinema. The reason for this is only the audience who took the film in hand.

Regarding the plan ahead, Varadraj says that the effort to do something different will continue. We are currently working on 1-2 stories. Due to covid, we cannot say anything for sure, but hope to go to the floor soon.

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