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Hukus Bukus: A Heartfelt Tale of Faith, Family, and Cricket

by Ratan Srivastava
Hukus Bukus

In the world of cinema, there are stories that entertain, stories that inspire, and then there are stories that stay with you, nestled in your heart and mind long after the credits roll. “Hukus Bukus” belongs to the latter category, a film that weaves together the threads of father-son bonding, cricket, and faith in a truly captivating way, holding onto its essence from start to finish.

Set in the late 1990s, nearly a decade after the tragic Kashmiri pandits’ genocide, “Hukus Bukus” presents a poignant narrative of how the people of Kashmir attempt to coexist amidst their deep faith and simmering animosities. At the center of this story is Arun Govil, renowned for portraying Lord Ram on screen for years, who plays a devoted Pandit and a fervent Krishna devotee. His character’s dream is to build a Krishna temple on a piece of land he owns. His son, portrayed by Darsheel Safary of “Taare Zameen Par” fame, has an entirely different devotion – cricket, with Sachin Tendulkar as his only deity.

The land intended for the temple has been leased by the government for years, but the construction was delayed after the genocide. Now, a mall is planned for the site, which Panditji strongly opposes. The story takes several unexpected turns, and the fate of the land and temple hinges on a crucial cricket match. The film artfully weaves various plot points and storytelling mediums, gradually bringing them together in the second half, creating a compelling narrative.

The performances in “Hukus Bukus” shine bright. Arun Govil, with his innocence and unwavering belief, brings depth to his character, reminding us of his iconic portrayal of Lord Ram. Darsheel Safary successfully tackles the complexities of a teenager who worships cricket, capturing the nuances of his character, from his tantrums to realizations. Sajjad Delafrooz’s presence exudes charisma and adds to the film’s appeal.

Like any movie, “Hukus Bukus” has its strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, it remains devoted to its story and maintains a consistent tone while exploring various subplots that add depth to the main narrative. The film is commendable for not resorting to persuasion, religious animosity, or glorification of the past tragedy; instead, it paints a genuine picture of the situations and stays true to its core concept from beginning to end.

However, the film does suffer from occasional lapses in audience engagement, but it quickly redeems itself with emotionally charged moments. The supporting cast, unfortunately, falls short of making a significant impact, and the music, though not in harmony with the film’s tone, is somewhat underwhelming.

Despite these minor flaws, “Hukus Bukus” is a film that deserves a watch. It offers a clean, heartfelt narrative that can be enjoyed with family. It doesn’t aim to be an epic, but it does succeed in leaving an impression.

With a rating of 3/5, “Hukus Bukus” is a heartfelt and sincere addition to the world of cinema.

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