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Genius: All you should know about this Bollywood movie?

by Ratan Srivastava

Anil Sharma helmed Genius, a 2018 Indian Hindustani-language action thriller movie. Utkarsh Sharma, who not only appeared as a young actor in Sharma’s 2001 movies Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and Ishita Chauhan, makes his debut appearance. The movie also has legendary actress Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty, and Malti Chahar in minor parts.

Vasudev Shastri, a brilliant RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent, is branded incompetent after failing to complete a vital assignment and becomes too wounded to serve again. Nandini, his life’s passion, comforts him afterwards as he lays despondent outside a park.

The movie then flashes back to Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma), a topper yet lovely man that arrives at IIT in which the #2 ranked, Nandini Chauhan (Ishitha Chauhan), vows to put his life a misery out of envy. She despises him all the time, but Vasu (Vasudev Shastri) always outwits her. He works part-time for RAW, wherein his hacking skills are utilised, in addition to becoming the pleasant “genius” about school. Nandini unwillingly approaches Vasu just before her IIT final test for assistance with a theorem. Vasu confesses to Nandini how he has loved her for a long time.

When Nandini hears this Genius, she devises a devious scheme to keep Vasu from attending the test the other day by giving him sleeping pills. Vasu, on the other hand, outsmarts her once more and arrives at the exam venue ahead of her. Vasu isn’t upset with her at all; rather, he assists her with just an unforeseen snag and smiles as he walks out the door following finishing his work. Nandini learns the day of the findings how Vasu had purposefully filed a blank paper in order for her to win. Nandini falls passionately in love with him after witnessing his devotion to love, but she keeps it a secret and sails out to the United States for her dream career.

Senior figures of RAW, pleased by Vasu’s intellect, tried to persuade him to join the organisation. Genius after hearing how his family were slain in religious riots orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI, Vasu vows to enter RAW in order to exact vengeance on ISI. Vasu, who has been branded inept by RAW, now walks with a cane and suffering from severe tinnitus and multiple ailments as a result of his botched operation. Nandini has taken a leave of absence from her employment in order to get back to India as well as care for Vasu. Nandini brings Vasu to the Puducherry home, wherein her mom is delightfully pleased in seeing Nandini making such a major contributor to Vasu’s well-being.

Vasu and Nandini have several amorous times, however, their joy is fleeting as Vasu begins to have hallucinations regarding his botched operation. Nandini, befuddled, seeks to take Vasu to the United States for therapy. Vasu declines and tells Nandini about his failed mission, following which he goes just on the hunt for MRS (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the architect of ISI in India as well as the primary objective of the failed operation.

Soon later, it is revealed that Vasu staged all of the hallucinations in order to track out his adversaries. He murders everyone who aided MRS one by one. MRS, but on the other side, detects Vasudev’s return and plots to assassinate him during a masquerade party.

Vasu saves himself during the masquerade ball, and he is hurt anew. Nandini sobs as she sees Vasu’s deplorable state. MRS, who’d been covertly watching them, seizes the opportunity and kidnaps Nandini. Shortly after, RAW’s senior figures recognise his abilities. Vasu locates Nandini the with assistance of RAW, saves Mathura from the massive bomb, and ultimately kills MRS by drowning him inside the river. He is praised by all of RAW’s members. He as well as Nandini have a huge hug towards the end of the video.

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