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Barsaat Ki Raat: Everything that you should know about this movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Barsaat Ki Raat

P. L. Santoshi helmed and R. Chandra produced Barsaat Ki Raat, a 1960 Indian Hindi-language romantic musical movie. The movie, which stars Madhubala, Bharat Bhushan, and Shyama, is regarded as a typical case of both the romantic musical cinema genre.

Barsaat Ki Raat is a Muslim-social drama set amid independent India’s erudite and sophisticated urban Muslims. It follows two loves, Shabnam and Amaan Hyderabadi, who want to be together and still are rejected by society.

The movie had become a smash hit upon debut, being the second most grossing picture of 1960, the twenty-first highest-grossing movie of the 1960s there at the Indian box office, and is one of the 100 best-grossing films.

The film Barsaat Ki Raat received great reviews from reviewers today. Both reviewers and audiences praised the Roshan-composed soundtrack, which is widely regarded as one of the best in Indian film. “Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolegi,” one of the songs, topped the music charts that year. Barsaat Ki Raat has become a cult classic, with 21st-century critics praising Madhubala’s acting and the soundtrack in particular. The latter is still frequently replicated and popular.

While keeping the fundamental framework of a love tale, the novella incorporates a variety of novel topics. It has a lot of strong female characters that are self-assured and select their own loves and fate. Tensions are not so much between parents and children over whom the children would marry, as is a typical topic in Indian films, but on a more sophisticated level of conflicts among the key characters and the deceptive signals men and women give one another. The film celebrates the life of “singing girls,” who are not well-liked in Indian culture. Despite the fact that the film features Muslim people, it successfully conveys the universality of sensuous love.

Roshan created the music for Barsaat Ki Raat, while Sahir Ludhianavi wrote the lyrics. Following Mughal-e-Azam, this was the second best-selling album of 1960. The track “Zindagi Bhar Nahin Bhoolegi” was indeed a chart-topper in 1960, topping the Binaca Geetmala’s yearly list. ranked “Na To Karavan Ki Talash Hai” second among “Bollywood’s Top 10 qawwalis,” describing the movie’s soundtrack as “its lifeline.”

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