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Who is Yeontan in BTS?

by Ratan Srivastava

Although Yeontan is V’s dog, he is becoming an unofficial BTS mascot, starring in videos with celebrities such as Jimin. The vocalist of “Serendipity” even got the dog to offer a paw during one video.

Here’s everything we know regarding Yeontan as well as his sweet romance with Jimin.

BTS consists of seven members, not even including the idols’ cute dogs. On Dec. 4, 2017, V’s dog Yeontan, also known as “Tan” and “Tannie,” made his debut appearance at a VLIVE BTS for Jin’s birthday. This puppy has since made cameos on BTS’ social media pages, capturing hearts within the process.

V posted three new cute videos of his puppy on the BTS Twitter account in March 2020. Tannie was seen sprinting beside his owner from one of the photos. As with one translation, the second footage showed its dog hanging around in a doorway as V questioned, “What are you going to do?”

V was attempting to teach Yeontan to offer paw in one video. Jimin decided to get involved after numerous fruitless efforts. As per a transcript upon that video, he took up a reward as well as got Yeontan to sit before giving a paw and said “you did very good.”

“Wait and see. He’ll do it all again.” “You have to keep doing it,” Jimin told the other BTS member as he got the dog to repeat the act.

V then attempted to pick up his dog as well as kiss him. Yeontan growled back, slipping free from V’s grasp.

Some admirers dubbed “VMIN,” V and Jimin, the “real parents of Kim Yeontan” on YouTube as a consequence of Jimin’s devotion for Tannie.

Jimin mentioned that he had been spending some time with V’s dog on multiple occasions. As per a fan translation, Jimin mentioned inside one video, “I saw Tannie today.” “I played for an hour and a half with Tannie and felt like I danced 20 times.”

V was not the only member of BTS that has a pet. Jin had two sugar gliders named Eomuk as well as Odeng, whereas RM does have a dog called Rapmon. Jimin is also a good buddy to all creatures. As per the South China Morning Post, he was even given the moniker “Gangyangee,” which combines the Korean terms for dog and cat.

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