Bollywood Society » From Vikrant Massey to Jay Patel & Pratik Gandhi: Top-notch performances that took everyone by surprise and precision

From Vikrant Massey to Jay Patel & Pratik Gandhi: Top-notch performances that took everyone by surprise and precision

by Aruna Purve

Given the kind of global exposure that the Indian audience has had over the years, it has naturally evolved and modified their cinematic tastes like never before. Naturally, the filmmakers and actors who have evolved with time and have constantly strived for improvement have enjoyed the flavour of success while on the other hand, the ones who have been resistant to change have remained stagnant. Just like always, the year 2024 too has started on a brilliant note as far as content is concerned. While some performances that were expected to do well fizzled out of nowhere, some which carried no expectations set things going and have become the modern-day inspiration story. So as the first quarter of 2024 got over, here’s taking a look at three of the most exceptional and incredible performances that created shockwaves like never before.

Vikrant Massey: The actor’s journey to the top is truly phenomenal and we love how far he has come as an artiste. His performance in the movie ’12th Fail’ has helped him earn heaps of praises and appreciation and we aren’t surprised. Keep going at it Vikrant. You are a slayer.

Jay Patel: Out of all the three performances mentioned in this list, this one has to be the most impactful and difficult, especially because it is of a real-life hero. The way Jay Patel understood the minute details of the character of Shyamji Krishna Varma for his role in Swatantra Veer Savarkar is simply phenomenal. Everything, right from the way he looked to his demeanor, body language, voice modulation was worked upon from his end in such a beautiful manner that he ended up becoming unrecognisable on-screen. The way he understood the pulse of the character and gave it the performance that it needed is truly phenomenal and no wonder, Jay Patel is one name that has been in the minds and hearts of the audience. Special kudos to the actor for doing such a great work as alongside his acting chops, he’s also a busy entrepreneur. So, the way he’s juggled between different walks of life to pull this off is magnificent. We simply can’t wait for more performances from his end.

Pratik Gandhi: Last but not the least, we have to talk about Pratik Gandhi and the way he performed in the recently-released movie ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’ alongside Vidya Balan. Despite Vidya Balan being there on-screen, he’s managed to retain his own self to do well and that’s something, that’s certainly worthy of noticing. He continues to evolve as an actor in multiple mediums and that is certainly his biggest strength.

So yes folks, as per our cine experts, these three are the names that managed to create an unbelievable amount of surprise impact with their top-notch quality work on-screen. Their incredible work leaves us with the desire to see them even more on-screen. Here’s hoping that’s exactly what happens going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

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