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What is The Oldest Motion Picture?

by Ratan Srivastava

You are a movie fan and that’s the reason you are here. We all sometimes get interested to know about whatever we are watching or looking at ‘what is it’s history?’ and from where did it all this started? there are very few people who search on google to find out about it. As others just sit around, wonder, and give up upon that thought. But, we are here to address those few, those who want to know. So, What is The Oldest Motion Picture?

So without wasting more time lets get onto know the answer-

The Horse In Motion (1878)

The creator or director of this motion picture is Eadweard Muybridge. This groundbreaking motion photography was accomplished using multiple camera Setup and assembling the individual pictures into a a single motion picture and the result is just in front of you. Talking about today’s time, you can do this at the touch of your smartphone screen but, back then it was a invention. A few cameras were used that are set to go off at an exact moment (it was definatly a TDS task).

Talking about the maker Eadweard Muybride was a famous American Photographer back and we have mentioned how he attained the making of this short film, ‘The Horse In Motion (1878)’. Also you will be surprised to know the name of the inventor who played a huge part in accomplishing the making of the first motion Film. So do take a look on it, and read more about it: Who Made The First Film in The World?

Apart for it we have also covered a article regarding: Which is The First Film in World? Make sure that you check this article inorder to know the First Film made in the world and you will be surprised to know the length of the film. So, Don’t forget to check this article as well.

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