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Swaroop Sampat: All you need to know about this Bollywood Actress

by Ratan Srivastava
Swaroop Sampat:

Swaroop Sampat began modelling just at age of 16 and also was crowned Miss India in 1979 just at age of 18. She has worked as an actor, a theatrical artist, a costume designer, and has become a well-known Life Skills instructor and instructor trainer. Dr Swaroop Rawal has worn many crowns throughout her career, as much as the ones she has portrayed on television. Even now, at the age of 61, it’s indeed her enthusiasm, energy, as well as sincerity that are so remarkable. She has flown throughout all times of life with effortless comfort and flair, owing to her naive & child-like character.

I recall her as such a vivacious intermediate homemaker in Doordarshan’s popular TV serial Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi. Her depiction of Renu has struck a chord with a lot of ladies right away.

She eventually stepped away from the television and cinema business after marrying renowned performer Paresh Rawal as well as recreated himself. She has become a champion for Life Skills in school, but she is utilising theatre to convey Life Skills and improve the country’s education system.

Swaroop Sampat shares, “Being Miss India was beautiful, and maybe a part of growing up. That was short. But being an educator and a trainer, this is my life. That feeling when you see your work is changing lives has no parallel. It is truly gratifying.”

Dr Swaroop Sampat hails from a very well educated family, despite the fact that she herself did not complete her education.“My mother is a practising oncologist and my father a masters in Gujarati, my brother, an MBA from Boston.”

She was alone in their family to pursue a career as a supermodel and fashion designer as early as the age of 16. She wedded renowned performer Paresh Rawal just at age of 27 when she’s at the pinnacle of her profession, constantly pursuing her feelings and taking the unconventional road. She enthusiastically adopted parenthood after her wedding and eventually stepped away first from the profession.

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