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Zuber Shaikhs’s Story of His Successful Journey

by Devanshu Dev

The entertainment industry is full of magnificent and astonishing talents. Every day, we hear about people who have made it big in the industry. However, the process of rising to the top is a challenge in itself. While there are many talented people, only a few have reached the top. Zuber Shaikh started from the bottom but has reached a significant space in the entertainment industry.

Zuber Shaikh is an actor and a comedian. He is a creative artist who started his journey by making reels. However, today, he is working in television shows and various digital media series. He is starring in some of the well-known and appreciated web series produced by RVCJ Media. Some of his notable works in the Television industry are bagged in Bahu Humari Rajnikant, Comedy Superstar of Sony SAB, Lala Ishq of &TV, and Gangs of Filmistaan of Star Bharat. He has a massive following of 2M people on MX TakaTak and over 111K followers on Instagram.

Zuber believes that no matter what your start is, but if you have the will and passion for your dream and work hard, you will reach heights. He says that when he started making reels, many made fun of him. They said that all of his videos were just fun elements and would not take him anywhere else. However, he never stopped making the reels or relying on his passion for people. At one point, he realized that his content was making people laugh, and they were having fun and enjoying. It gave him the confidence to venture more into his passion. He took the whole process seriously and started performing more. People have taken an immense liking to his content which has boosted his fame to another level. People love his funny and entertaining antics. Many have claimed his videos to be relaxing and enjoyable. Zuber says that it is true that the first step is always the toughest, but if your passion takes the lead, then you will have the will to make it. He claims that each step after the first is equally challenging, but the fact that you could take the first will give you the strength to keep moving forward.

Zuber Shaikh did not have an easy path. However, all the struggles and challenges did not deter him from his dreams and goals. He thrived more and more to survive the competition and earn a crown of his own.

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