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Why Is Bollywood So Famous?

by Ratan Srivastava

Bollywood is not just a name for the Indian Film Industry, but it is a name for the Country’s Hindi Film Industry. Hindi is the most spoken language in the country and it is one of the reasons for the popularity of Bollywood.

One of the main factors is the place where Bollywood is based. It is based in Mumbai, which is considered one of the most prolific centers of film production in the world. In India other than Bollywood, films are made in other languages as well and each language’s industry carries its own name such as “Tollywood” and “Kollywood”. There are false accusations made around Bollywood that it is the biggest filmmaking industry in the world. As Indian Film Industry as a whole is the biggest industry in the world. In the third position, it’s the American film industry, behind “Nollywood”, Nigeria’s Counterpart.

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In India, Bollywood is not the biggest industry in terms of output as the Tamil and Telugu film industry is leading the way by producing more films annually ahead of Bollywood. Nevertheless, when it comes to global presence and remarkable influential reach, box-office sales Bollywood is in front of India’s other film industries.

When we consider the statistics of last year, more films were produced in Tamil Language with 262 films, and Telugu Language with 256, in comparison with Hindi Language 221 films. It clearly states that the no. of films in other regional industries are more when compared with Bollywood.

Different Bollywood Production Houses

The production houses in Bollywood have reach and distribution all over the world some famous production houses are Yash Raj Films, Dharma Productions, Pen Studios, and Film Kraft Productions mainly. As the viewers and fans are the target audience for the production houses, the frequency of making movies has increased to gain more profit out of it.

Fame for Bollywood has established the trust in the citizens to opt it as the next career option and now lakhs of people are entering the industry to try their luck in films. Its a huge impact which proves that Bollywood is evidently famous.

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