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What Does Bollywood Mean?

by Ratan Srivastava

When we talk about the term “Bollywood”, the first thing that comes to mind is Movies, Bollywood Celebrities, Fame, and Money.

A still from the first indian film “Raja Harishchandra”

Bollywood is often known as Hindi Cinema or Hindi Film Industry by the locals. The term is inspired by the west known as “Hollywood” which is used for representing the Film industry in the US region. As the Indian Film Industry is known for producing the largest number of films in a single year. When considering the Indian box office revenues, Bollywood alone constitutes around a total of 43 percent, Telugu and Tamil Cinema represents approximately 36 percent, and the remaining regional cinema constitutes 21 percent according to the survey conducted in the year 2014.

First Talkie Film Alam Ara (1931) poster

With time, Bollywood has popularly followed the commercial genre in most films known as Masala Film, as it has always been successful in creating huge box office revenues since the 1970s. Other genres are action, comedy, romance, drama, melodrama, and adding a flavor of musical numbers. ‘Raja Harishchandra’ is considered the first Bollywood film, Dadasaheb Phalke released the first-ever full-length feature film in the year 1913. Dadasaheb Phalke is known for the Beginning of Bollywood “Father of Indian Cinema”. The silent film was a commercial success. Dadasaheb was not only the producer but also the director, writer, cameraman, editor, make-up artist, and art director. The first Indian musical talkie was Alam Ara (1931), which was made 4 years after the first Hollywood musical talkie The Jazz Singer in the year 1927.

As Bollywood has a value to reach millions and millions of audience around the country and internationally as well, in the country India lakhs and lakhs of aspirants come from different states around the country in order to make their mark, name and fame in the country.

Year after year the popularity and power of Bollywood is just growing not just in India but also overseas which is just remarkable.

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