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Ramaiya Vastavaiya: All you must know about this romantic movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Ramaiya Vastavaiya is indeed a love movie directed by Prabhu Deva as well as produced by Kumar S. Taurani for Tips Industries in 2013. Inside the prominent parts, Girish Kumar and Shruti Haasan make their acting debuts. Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Prabhudeva’s directorial debut, is remade in this movie. On July 19, 2013, the movie was released.

Ram Kapoor is a wealthy city lad who was raised in Australia by his affluent parents. Sona Singh, on the other hand, is a conventional, modest Punjabi girl raised by her only brother, Raghuveer Singh. When their father marries another lady and pushes them out of the house, humiliating them along the way, Raghu is sad.

Their mother dies, as well as her tomb is erected on the little piece of land they possess until Jaiswal, their Zamindar, informs them that it is his land because their mother borrowed money from him. Raghuveer agrees to labour day and night to repay the loan as long as his mother’s tomb is not desecrated. Jaiswal accepts, and Shankar, the local station master, assists them. Raghu and Sona are gradually mature. Rhea Bhargav, Sona’s best friend, comes to their house one day to invite Sona to their wedding. Ram, Riya’s cousin, arrives with his mother, Ashwini Kapoor, on the same day.

Ram and Sona slowly grow in love, although Ashwini cannot stomach it since Sona is not as wealthy as them and hence does not meet their standards; Ram is also to marry Dolly, the daughter of Ashwini’s brother Krishna Kant Bhargav’s business partner Jay Prakash. Sona and Raghu, who arrived a minute earlier, are humiliated by Ashwini and forced out of the home when Ashwini accuses them of attempting to attract and trap Ram. Ram rushes to Sona’s house and begs her brother to accept him when he learns of this. Raghu offers him a chance, just as Jaiswal gave him a chance when he was younger. Ram is given the duty of looking after the cows, cleaning up after them, and growing more crops than Raghu by the end of the season; if he fails, he will be cast out of the hamlet and would never see Sona again.

Jaiswal and his son Akash are dissatisfied since Akash wishes to marry Sona. Ram needs to work hard for his love, eating red chillies and rice every day, even though he can’t stand it, since they and Dolly and her father are attempting to make Ram lose the competition. Ram ultimately demonstrates his love for Sona to Raghu and succeeds in producing more grains thanks to various shenanigans from Jaiswal’s and Dolly’s sides.

Akash, on the other hand, kidnaps Sona and afterwards attempts to force her to marry him. Sunil Rao and Akash are killed by Ram, and Jay Prakash and Jaiswal are viciously beaten by Raghu. After recognising that Ram and Sona should be together, Raghu accepts responsibility and is sentenced to seven years in jail. The film concludes with Raghu’s release from prison, as well as Sona and Ram’s wedding in front of everyone. Sona is then accepted as Ashwini’s daughter-in-law.

The Ramaiya Vastavaiya movie’s first song promo, “Jeene Laga Hoon,” was released on May 10, 2013, and also was sung by Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghoshal. The whole soundtrack was published on May 15, 2013, as well as the song, was uploaded to the Tips Music Films YouTube account (tips music). Sachin – Jigar composed all of the tracks on this album, while Priya Saraiya wrote all of the lyrics.

Sandeep Shirodkar composed the movie’s score.

Shooting in Mumbai began on August 1, 2012. In Himachal Pradesh, the movie has also finished a schedule. The Ramaiya Vastavaiya movie was announced to be a replica of filmmaker Prabhu Deva’s Telugu directorial debut, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Box Office India labelled the film a failure.

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