Bollywood Society » Luv Sinha believes in his acting arts and will not defame his father’s name

Luv Sinha believes in his acting arts and will not defame his father’s name

by Ratan Srivastava
Luv Sinha

Luv Sinha’s Bollywood breakout role, Sadiyaan, took place 11 years ago. JP Dutta’s Paltan, his second movie, was premiered eight years later (2018). Luv, one among Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha’s twin sons, says that his movie career had not been easy, but he’s not willing to give up just yet. Luv Sinha is indeed aware knowing his father’s name would always be associated with his individual successes and failures. However, this hasn’t deterred him from building a career in performing; instead, he’s searching for the proper chance to show himself.

Luv Sinha stated in an interview that, “I’m extremely strong internally. I don’t think there’s anything that can shatter me, because I realize that the moment you let that happen, that’s the end for you. I have faith in myself as a performer. If I didn’t, I would have the industry long ago. Because you don’t want to go out there and humiliate yourself. Although there may be some individuals who are not good at their work but are still successful, so they don’t really care. But in my case, I would never go and not only humiliate myself, but also bring down my father’s name. At the end of the day, they will say, ‘Oh, Shatruji ka beta hai, kaam nahi aata hai.’ I would never do that.” 

He is working on two ventures that have been put on hold due to the epidemic. He stated, “I was supposed to start a thriller web series. And most of the shoot is abroad, so they ended up getting delayed, even though London has opened up right now. But when they wanted to shoot things were pretty bad. I’m still hoping that everything falls into place, then, at some point, I will end up shooting one of them.”

Although he awaits for his future acting ventures to start, Luv has teamed up alongside his siblings, Kussh and Sonakshi, for yet another creative work. They’ve created ‘House of Creativity’, a one-of-a-kind internet portal that exhibits plus supporting new Indian artists both at domestically and overseas.

Luv Sinha explains it as, “Not many people know this – my brother and I are photographers, my sister is a painter. We wanted to do something that helped to show a different side of us to the fans. Beyond that, I wanted to do something for other artists, because I feel it becomes a little difficult to reach out to a larger audience unless you are part of the art circle. I wanted to help expand the market for some artists, who don’t know where to start. Because we come from the film industry, we can help them reach a larger audience. I wanted to create that platform for others.”

“I have always been artistically inclined. The fact that I am still pursuing a career in films – it has not been the easiest journey – pretty much says that I love being part of the creative world. It’s never been about money and fame, otherwise I would have shifted gears to something else,” Luv further adds.

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