Bollywood Society » Kishwer Merchant hits back at Kangana’s fans, asks “Mask kahan hai”

Kishwer Merchant hits back at Kangana’s fans, asks “Mask kahan hai”

by Editorial Team

The entertainment industry in India has been worst hit by the second wave of Covid 19 in the country.  Several movie and TV personalities have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.  Authorities are taking all-out precautions and several directives have been given recently.  Even State Governments have issues guidelines with a view to arrest the spread of the virus.  People have been urged to wear a mask when they are outdoors.

On Monday afternoon,  Kangana Ranaut stepped out without wearing a mask.  This act of Kangana aroused an interrogation from Kishwer Merchant over  the issue. The Bigg Boss 9 contestent took to her Instagram page and shared a photo of Kangana without her mask. Kishwer flashed a question to Kangana, over this issue.  This act of Kishwer was not tolerated by Kangana’s fans.  They started spamming her DM with hate messages.

Kishwer has very smartly tried to put an end to those hate messages.  She feels that the query  she had posted to Kangana is not at all questionable.  Definitely, the query does not deserve hate messages.  To dissuade these hate messages, Kishwar has posted a series of videos.  These videos serve as a polite reply to all those defending Kangana over not wearing a mask. Kishwer mentioned In her videos that she only questioned Kangana ‘Mask Kidhar Hai, madam?’ and posted here query.  The response she received from her fans was that she has won several awards for her acting capabilities.   Kishwer handled all the hate messages with sheer diplomacy.  She acknowledged the fact that Kangana is a ‘fantastic actor’ but said, ‘where is her mask?’

Some of Kangana’s fans counter attacked her on her posts.  They even accused Kishwer’s behavior on the sets of Bigg Boss 9. Kishwer further responded to this baseless allegation.  As per Kishwer her Bigg Boss 9 behaviour is a thing of past.  The episode happened many years ago.  Even now her behavior is being judged by the people.  Kishwer added that so far nobody has questioned Kangana on her recent irresponsible behavior.  Kishwer wrote in her post, “You guys want to judge someone on the basis of a reality show about how cheap their behaviour was. Fair enough, no problems. You judge me, that’s fine but that was six years back. This is not even six hours back that she’s not wearing a mask. How about judging her guys.” 

Kishwer Merchant was accused of bullying Kangana by Kangana’s fans .  Kishwer strongly feels that her query is quite pertinent.  The question does not qualify as bullying In the light of recent spike in Covid 19 cases.

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