Bollywood Society » Kangana Ranaut tests negative for COVID-19. Shares recovery tips

Kangana Ranaut tests negative for COVID-19. Shares recovery tips

by Editorial Team

Kangana Ranaut Ranaut had tested positive for the novel coronavirus on May 8 and was under home quarantine. Since Kangana’s Twitter account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of rules earlier this month, she took to Instagram to share her health update with her fans. Kangana advised everyone not to be scared, calling the disease “nothing but the small-time flu. “I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know I will demolish it, people please don’t give anything any power over you, if you are scared it will scare you more, she wrote.

The actress also took to the Instagram story and posted a long note for her fans. She wrote, “Hello everyone. Today I tested negative for covid, I want to say a lot about how I beat the virus but I am told not to offend covid fan clubs… yes there are actually people out there who get offended if you show disrespect towards the virus… anyway thanks for your wishes and love.”

Kangana Ranaut also posted a video wherein she revealed how she fought with the virus. In the video she is speaking about the benefits and use of Indian wellness treatments like kadha, breathing, yoga and meditation. Along with the video, she wrote, “Fighting Covid I am not an expert on covid but sharing my journey of fighting the virus, hope it helps”.

While the video may have been well-intentioned but it still comes across as a mockery to those battling this ailment. There are scores of people that were hypoxic in this second wave. They were scrambling for oxygen while the resources ran out. At that time too Kangana had come out with her gyaan on what to do. Even in this video too she seems to share her recently acquired knowledge and preaching on dos. However, when one sees people like the 30-year-old Love you Zindagi girl lose their battle to COVID-19, it hits you hard.

While she may classify people as the one that get offended by disrepscting the virus but yes there are some of us that have seen the devastation this virus can cuase up close and hence unable to see it as a mere flu. We are happy that Kangy dearest has managed to overcome this virus but hope she learns some empathy too.

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