Bollywood Society » ‘Aajtak’ received legal notice for fake news on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case

‘Aajtak’ received legal notice for fake news on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case

by Bollywood Society

Aajtak is a renowned Hindi News Channel in India. It’s listed in the top Hindi News Channel chart. And, also follows a chain of the India Today group. But, fell into a big controversy due to fake news broadcasting.

Since the inception of social media platforms, there has been seen a rise in fake news trends. From small media outlets to big news channels have got trapped under the web of fake news. Also, private channels may have their boss, which doesn’t mean they can propagate inaccurate and unverified news.

Citizens have faith in media outlets and rely on them for facts. Hence, there are Bigg Boss’s eyes on these media agencies. Like, NBSA (News Broadcasting Standard Authority) who have slapped Aajtak with an Rs.1lakh fine and also has asked to apologize in front of audiences.

Aajtak broadcasted fake news on the suicide report of Sushant Singh. The channel broadcasted a screenshot of tweets calling them real & imputed them as the actor’s last tweets. However, the channel violated clause 1 of “Specific Guidelines Covering Reportage” relating to “Accuracy” which states that the information should be gathered first, attributed and, should be verified well before serving.

After NBSA sent the first notice, Aajtak issued them a notice to review the petition. Following this, NBSA then, sent a notice to Aajtak to air an apology with a fine of Rs.1lakh. Aajtak will make an apology to audiences on their channel itself on 23rd April at 8 pm.

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