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Tom Cruise – The True Saviour

by Shankar Venkataraman

A recent audio clip of a livid Tom Cruise admonishing some crew members in the sets of MI-7 has gone viral and so has our opinion about Ethan Hunt. According to the reports, some of the members of the production team had broken COVID protocols thereby risking other members as well as possibility of stalling shoot of the 7th part of the Mission Impossible franchisee.

While the social media is split on the use of his verbal abuses at the crew members but the intent and earnestness from the Superstar is really appreciable. He tells them that “The team has set standards of film making during the troubled times with even other makers in Hollywood looking up to them and implementing the guidelines. The breach of protocol would certainly render thousands homeless and without work in this troubled times that is being faced by one and all. A sincere outburst which goes on to prove Tom Cruise’s responsibility not only towards his crew, studios but also the film fraternity.

Kudos to Ethan Hunt for this act. The audience are surely looking forward to the release of MI-7 which is set to blaze the screens in the winter of 2021.

Listen to the tape https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1977533/tom-cruise-covid-rant-mission-impossible-2/

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