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Antim – The Final Truth starred Pragya Jaiswal previously– Read details

by Ratan Srivastava

Antim – The Final Truth, starring Salman Khan, is due to hit theatres on November 26. Regardless of the fact that the celebrity gets little time on screen and that the movie clashes alongside Satyameva Jayate 2, the movie has generated a lot of excitement. This is because the movie’s trailer has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Audiences have adored Salman Khan’s tough cop persona, which is unlike anything he’s performed before in flicks in this genre. Another thing that makes Salman’s role stand out would be the fact that he doesn’t even have a love lead alongside him.

Salman’s reputation as an action hero is well-known, but his work as a loving hero is also well-regarded, and he has previously had hot chemistry with a number of women. Despite the fact that he won’t be serenading a heroine in Antim – The Final Truth, spectators haven’t complained.

However, it has since been revealed that the producers had originally intended that the Salman tune would have a love element. Salman and director Mahesh Manjrekar, in fact, we’re the ones who shared this detail. When a journalist questioned about this at the film’s trailer debut last month, Salman remarked, “He’s a much better character on his own. If we had incorporated romance and songs, then the character would have got diluted.” He then added, “We even shot (the romantic portions). But we removed it to (stay) true to the film.”

Mahesh Manjrekar revealed this week in an interview with such a tabloid that, “I told Salman that I will write the film. That was my first victory. After I wrote it, there were some apprehensions about selling a movie that didn’t have a heroine opposite Salman. So, I included a heroine’s part and two songs. Later, Salman decided that he didn’t want a heroine or the song. That was my second victory.”

So, who was this lucky heroine who had the opportunity to date one of Bollywood’s top stars? According to a source, “That actress was Pragya Jaiswal. It was a lovely track between her and Salman. The superstar and Mahesh Manjrekar were quite happy with Pragya’s portions. However, in the larger interest of the film, the makers decided to chop off these portions.”

The insider went on to say, “Being responsible makers, the producers informed Pragya Jaiswal about the situation. The actress understood their point of view and wished the makers all the best.” It now remains to be seen whether Pragya Jaiswal is credited at the beginning of the film under ‘Special Thanks. It remains to be seen how much Pragya Jaiswal gets recognised underneath ‘Special Thanks’ there at the opening of the movie.

Pragya Jaiswal made her acting debut inside the Tollywood Virattu (2014). She rose to prominence with her role in Krish’s Telugu film Kanche (2016), directed by Gabbar Is Back (2015), for which she got a Filmfare Award. Gunturodu (2017), Nakshatram (2017), Jaya Janaki Nayaka (2017), Achari America Yatra (2018), Kurukshetra (2019), and other films followed. Despite being completely vaccinated, she recently made headlines after testing positive for Covid-19 for the second time.

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