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by Shankar Venkataraman

Small Town. Big Secrets – is an ode to the movies of the 80’s and 90’s with the right dosage of action, drama and sex never seen in small screen before. The brilliant series runs for 3 seasons with some fantastic packaging of thrills, heist, gore as well as adrenalin pumped sequences. While the formulaic story and screenplay is very predictable, it is the intrigue as well as the X factor that is thrown in that makes it watchable. A true blue popcorn series that is highly engaging and captivating in parts.

The story is about an ex-convict played by Antony Starr ( The Boys series fame) who assumes the identity of a Sheriff in a small town called Banshee, Pennysylvania. He has come in search of his ex- partner played by Ivana Milicivec who herself has changed her identity and leads a peaceful life with her husband and kids. Hell breaks loose as the new sheriff brings his own style of working and troubles leading to mayhem across the town and people whose lives are entangled along with it. The narration picks up steam as the show progresses and despite being ordinary has that edginess that makes one glued to the screen as it unfolds.

Since the series has been backed by Cinemax studios, there is plenty of explosive action and nudity galore akin to B grade pot boilers. The lead actors are brilliant and ably supported by a stellar cast of Ben Cross, Ulrich Thomesen and Frankie Faison. The creators David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper have ensured that there are enough twists and turns along with cliches of the highest order. Despite the shortcomings the drama is wacky and enjoyable.

The series is available to stream under Hotstar and is strictly for those who enjoy pulpy movies that rely mainly on “Bang Bang” of all sorts!!!

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