Bollywood Society » Ranveer Singh says meeting Thierry Henry, a great footballer, “changed him forever.”

Ranveer Singh says meeting Thierry Henry, a great footballer, “changed him forever.”

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Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is now engrossed in a number of football matches across England. The actor is flying across the country to watch Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United, among other teams. That’s not all; while in the UK, he’ll be meeting a number of A-listers and will keep fans updated.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Ranveer Singh spoke openly about his love for football, which he describes as a “mad enthusiasm.” Ranveer recalled an encounter with his boyhood hero and Arsenal icon Thierry Henry in 2016, saying, “On the way to meet him, I was very excited. But the minute he came in front of me, I broke out in tears. I couldn’t control my emotions as I saw him in the flesh. Tears were coming down. I just started crying. I have sat in front of the TV watching Thierry Henry. I have cheered him with my core and screaming when he scored. At that moment, all of that came back. All those years of admiration!”

The footballer’s ‘patient, compassionate, and kind’ act altered Ranveer’s life. “That has eternally affected me,” the actor stated. In 2016, Ranveer and Thierry met in Mumbai for a marketing shoot.

Ranveer Singh went on to say that meeting Thierry Henry provided him with a fresh perspective on how he interacts with his own fans now. “When that happened to me, I understood that. I had a new-found way of looking at it. It was new respect that I found for that dynamic. At that moment, I learnt a lesson for life. I engage those fans very differently now. I am so much more respectful and sensitive to what they’re feeling in that moment because it happened to me. Because of how kind and warm he was to me, it meant the world to me. He made me feel so special that I want to pay that kindness and goodness forward.” 

Ranveer also met another football hero, Ledley King, supermodel Bella Hadid, and rapper Lil Pump during his recent trip.

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