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Will Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 3?

by Ratan Srivastava
Frozen 3

It’s time to start the rumour mill since today is going to become a busy one. Elsa will eventually have a lover in Frozen 3 after a years-long fight for more LGBTQ+ inclusiveness in Disney animation, as per sources.

We Have This Covered claims that now the studio has been planning the next part of the billion-dollar picture franchise, despite the fact that Frozen 2 is only a few weeks away from release (which includes a hit Broadway musical). According to the entertainment website, “Disney has the capability to give Elsa a woman love interest” in Frozen 3 insiders.

“The goal seems to be for Elsa to provide a girlfriend inside the threequel, revealing her sexuality in the process,” the outlet adds.

We Got This Covered adds, “They did initially intend to do this in the second picture, but it was eventually deemed that it was too soon.” “According to our source, the fear was that if they offered her a girlfriend in Frozen 2, certain nations might prohibit the film.”

That information comes with some big caveats: despite spending six years developing a sequel to Frozen, Disney has failed to schedule Frozen 3, which means that this claim (if accurate) may not be verified until 2025. Meanwhile, producer Peter Del Vecho informs the Radio Times that “no conversations” have taken place about shooting the third film or without a lesbian Elsa.

He told the British magazine, “We didn’t realise there will be a Frozen 2 while we produced Frozen, and we definitely haven’t planned beyond Frozen 2.” “It was vital to us to make a sequel that felt connected to the original film while still being standalone.” That was our approach to the first film. I’m at a loss for words.”

“We haven’t even finished this movie yet,” he said, “so the prospect of having to start all over again sounds frightening to me.”

It’s not the first occasion that rumours have circulated that the princess of Arendelle will eventually marry a lady boo. Frozen 2 director Jennifer Lee unintentionally stoked the rumour flames by expressing her support for talks regarding LGBTQ+ inclusion in Disney films after “Let It Go” became an unintentional come out anthem. As a result, several fans assumed Elsa might be gay in Frozen 2.

“As for me… Elsa tells me where she has to go every day, and she’ll keep telling us,” Lee told HuffPost in a 2018 interview. “I always write from the perspective of the character, and Elsa tells me where she is and what she’s up to every day. We’ll see where this leads.”

However, Elsa will not have a girlfriend in Frozen 2, as previously revealed by Out. And until Disney verifies the new claim, the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters in a potential Frozen 3 remains a pipe dream.

And let’s hope Disney ultimately joins the campaign to allow Elsa to be out, proud, and in love.

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