Bollywood Society » Meet the Handsome Pranksters of Bollywood -Akshay Kumar, Raj Kundra, Ajay Devgn and more

Meet the Handsome Pranksters of Bollywood -Akshay Kumar, Raj Kundra, Ajay Devgn and more

by Aruna Purve

In the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, some actors bring a fun and mischievous side to the scene by pulling off hilarious pranks behind the scenes. From practical jokes to light-hearted gags, these stars keep the showbiz lively with their playful antics. Here’s a glimpse into the world of Bollywood’s pranksters:

Akshay Kumar: The king of comedy himself, Akshay Kumar is no stranger to pulling off epic pranks. With his quick wit and mischievous charm, Kumar keeps his co-stars on their toes, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment on set.

Raj Kundra: Known for his witty charm, Raj Kundra is a prankster extraordinaire. Whether it’s setting up elaborate pranks on friends or pulling off spontaneous antics on social media, Kundra keeps everyone laughing with his playful spirit.

Ajay Devgn: Despite his intense on-screen persona, Ajay Devgn is a prankster at heart. With a knack for timing and creativity, Devgn is notorious for surprising his co-stars and crew members with unexpected pranks.

Varun Dhawan: With his infectious energy and lively personality, Varun Dhawan is the life of the party both on and off-screen. From silly antics to clever pranks, Dhawan’s playful nature adds a dose of laughter to every film set he graces.

Tiger Shroff: Despite his action-packed roles, Tiger Shroff has a playful side that often surfaces in the form of hilarious pranks. Whether it’s teasing his co-stars or staging elaborate gags, Shroff brings a sense of fun and spontaneity.

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