Bollywood Society » “India’s Gubbara Entertainment announces Million Dollar Dev Fund in Cannes’’

“India’s Gubbara Entertainment announces Million Dollar Dev Fund in Cannes’’

by Aruna Purve

Cannes, 16 May, 2024: As Indian films make waves across the globe and this year at Cannes with a film in each section of the festival, India’s Gubbara Entertainment is geared towards further championing Indian storytelling.

A step towards this direction, Dimpy Agrawal, Founder and Producer at Gubbara Entertainment, announced a groundbreaking $1 Million script development fund aimed at empowering Indian feature filmmakers. The announcement was made at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, where she and her team are additionally exploring co-productions across a slate developed by them.

Reaffirming Gubbara Entertainment’s dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation in Indian cinema, Founder and Producer Dimpy Agrawal stated, “At Gubbara Entertainment, we recognise the transformative influence of storytelling. Our mission with this development fund is to champion diverse voices and narratives in cinema, resonating locally and globally. As young members of the film fraternity, we were eager to be the change we aspire to see, thus giving birth to the idea of this development fund.”

This significant move heralds a pivotal moment for the Indian film industry, establishing it as one of the few with a dedicated development fund for filmmakers. The fund is designed to provide crucial support to both emerging and established talent, offering financial assistance to develop compelling narratives that have the potential to captivate audiences worldwide.

In addition to launching the dedicated development fund, Gubbara Entertainment has developed a robust slate of long-form scripted and unscripted content.

“We have vigorously been building our slate and are excited to put them on floors soon. In Cannes, we are looking to move forward with our conversations on a few co-productions currently under discussion,” added Agrawal.

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